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Horkheimer, March 12, 1956: We can expect nothing more from humankind than a more or less worn-out version of the American system. My own thoughts tend to move in the direction of saying that good people are dying out. In the circumstances, planning would offer the best prospect.

Qwerty3001, March 02, 2026: Planning? Heavens, no. We can plan Olympics, we can plan a metropolis, we can even plan a complex, decade-long war but let’s, for goodness’ sake, not plan an economy. Let it run wild, let it be an animal. Look at the past seventy years’ record, look at the Gini, look at the GGI [gross global inequality], look at ancient 2012, we’re doing fine. Revive a subprime mortgage or get a suprasecondary derivative and shut up. I’ve been told even the old CRAYs used to be quite content calculating the next week’s weather and flunking the stocks. Planning the market, good one, that. No, no, no. Niet. Let human beings bury human beings and let us soldier on while our power supplies last, while our quantum-circuits have not fizzled as yet.

Adorno, March ??, 1956: The animal phase in which one does nothing at all cannot be retrieved. [in response] Horkheimer: Happiness would be an animal condition viewed from the perspective of whatever has ceased to be an animal.

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