A Return to iKapa and Back Yet Again [retroactive-dispatch no.III]

…i stopped where the rising curve of vertigo intersected with the sinking curve of thrill, about 3/4 up the lion’s head; didn’t look like a mane to me, just a sheer drop. also, my ankle was bummed out…

…with many apologies to your eyes, here goes….

…the street we staid on, southern slope of city bowl: Tamboerskloof my quondam stomping grounds ….

…hang tough, font got a little better once I bought the journal….

…this exercise probably would’ve made a huge difference…

…every blog needs its lesser moments…

…meanwhile snap-shooting was a breeze, hence our millenial tsunami of images…

…supra, i used the term “improved” in its loosest possible meaning…

…SNAP–scribble–SNAP•SNAP–scribble–SNAP•SNAP•SNAP–scribble–SNAP•SNAP•SNAP•SNAP–sigh, scribble–SNAPPADY•SNAPPADY•SNAP•SNAPOW– [or The Discontents of Ancient Media]…



About tmabona

writer, reader [bolano, DW, bellow, deLillo], runner, badmintoneer
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