More die of Heartfake [Apr2012 • quote of disInfection]


Irony is inimical to love and playfulness because, as David Halperin writes:

“Some experiences…are incompatible with irony. In order to have them

at all, it is necessary to banish any hint of irony. Conversely, the arrival

of irony signals the end of the experience, or its diminution. Irony’s

opposite is intensity. In moments of intense, overwhelming sensation,

we have little awareness of context and no attention to spare for more

than one set of meanings. In such states, we become literalists: we can

experience only one kind of thing. The three cardinal experiences that

demand the elimination of irony, or that cannot survive irony, are raw

grief or suffering, religious transport, and sexual passion.“

And, perhaps, I would argue, certain passages of transcendent literature where our imaginations are bathed in the light of understanding, of truth, of immortality.


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