Finding your way onto this site: Stats 2014



I’ve been out of my mind with joy to see that the name of my blog as a keyword ranks above “cortison inhaler” and just under “big clit”. The inexistent social media campaign is finally paying dividends. I’m not on fakebook everyday for a good reason, my status-update-sore fingers are of no concern.

Also, if you are here looking for “boy f##k” or “big clit” I’m sorry to inform you that you’re out of luck. Still, you might be better off spending some time reading these entries than further pursuing your original query and wasting valuable tissue plus search engine energy.


On a different but related note, if you compare what I’ve written on this blog to the search terms whisking porn-focused folks here, there’s the distinct impression that search engines aren’t yet exactly the brightest crayons in the artifical intelligence box. In fact the term artificial stupidity comes to mind. Which maybe you can fix.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-21 um 11.48.13


p.s.:  If I were a haiku, I’d be myself. [What could this signify?]




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