post Fèihuà–vogue [chronicles of DisInfection, Jan2016]

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To the best of my incompetent telling, it seems that Lopaz here is having a stab at the very vogue issue of bullsh#tting. Books have been written on this, bullshit, and it seems to have developed into some minor cottage industry in academia [philosophy in partic.] so I shouldn’t overspiel my imaginary cards. The basic question seems this: why the general shallow grasp of facts [imbso]? Because the facts are a flood nowadays, the info is a goddamn torrent, a bezerk bronco nobody can hope to ride, much less grasp. Please forgive the muddle of metaphors!


Given that you cannot at every instant google/wiki [A.R. will not be out till later this year…] and given that the neoliberal jobmarket tosses you in a million interview-situations you couldn’t have imagined in your most feral skypies plus the fact that even in everyday conversations Wiki-style quarter-grasp and perfunctory-internet-readings have made such saddening inroads that it often seems one should [as in ethico-digital obligation] be up to full broadbandwith with, well, pretty much every-damn-thing…. given all of this crap being an adequate bluffer, a semi-competent bullshitteur seems more than ad rem.

However, bullshit, much like common lies, to be done appropriately requires high degrees of attention, which automatically diminishes one’s capacity to pay attention to whatever it is one’s halfway-significant-other might be horse-pooping him- or herself at the time. Thus two oceanliners in the dead of night, synchrnonous narcissism, q.e.d. Not at all.



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