Veggie vexation [chronicles of Dis/Infection, mar2016]


It’s the 21st century. It’s healthier for us, better for the environment and certainly kinder to be a vegetarian. –Ingrid Newkirk

One should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should one incite another to kill. Do not injure any being, either strong or weak, in the world. – Buddha


There have been times in the past when it occured to folks such as myself to declare their allegiance from roof-tops and other altitudinous locations; this is to express: in the past I have been less non-evangelical. More importantly: my own standing in this matter is of little-to-no-relevance because this is not any kind of competition or comparison-game. The issue under consideration is vegetarianism, not per se but as a bone of contention, an asparagus of antagonism.

    There was a time when I was vocal about this and used to give people quite a bit of shit for not joining the herbivore camp, telling them what all is bad about consuming carrion, etc. This is an extremely bad, inefficient and rather amateurish strategy to win people over to the vegetarian w.o.l, evidently. Nobody on this planet seriously wants to hear that they are doing something which is wrong or generally harmful. What I could hear about every quarter of an hour is that I‘m [near-]competent, important for others and just a likable guy. But if one tries to somehow identify shortcomings…. well within about .5 milliseconds the issue becomes personal [you versus I] and the accusing parties [e.g. vegetarians] are themselves reprimanded of moral grandstanding [e.g. an exclusive wish to colonize the empire of the moral altiplano]. At best, this leads to an empty argument of who is a better human being and why, which is not at all what vegetarianism is about, namely, animals and why they should not suffer/die. Worst, everybody is blown out to sea in a shit‘phoon of mindmelting ad-hominems.

    But now the last couple of yrs, I have gone, it seems to me, in quite the opposite direction, where most remarks about veggie-style elicit nothing much more than a non-commital shrug, the evenness of which is calibrated to evoke some ancient-zen-monk-grade aura of everlasting serenity.

There are multiple reasons: A) It‘s not pleasant to be perceived as a moral megalomaniac B) The pro&con–arguments get old incredibly quickly [after being a vegetarian for about 12 months you‘ll get a shiny glint in your eyes whenever smbdy brings up a new argument against it, not tears, not even of compassion, but the hope of finally exercising your ethical imagination again] C) the creeping sense that its people‘s own damn business if they can‘t figure out smthng so obvious and that it‘s not your obligation [investment of time&energy] to make them, as it were, see the light  D) …also, really, the information-age universal response is smtms not entirely unhandy or inconvenient: „no, really, if you google ,vegetarian lifestyle‘ you can find amazing info on this. ok, gotta go. c u amigo!‘. E) I suppose there must be many more arguments but my brain is closing up shop for tonite. Benefits-of-Vegetarian-Diet-2

[this is a stab at a shorter format but because i, to be frank as bascombe, have about 7 more things to say on the topic this is as outright a failure as it gets; but still anyway…]




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